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Introducing: Complaince Gold® iFOB Test

Compliance Saves Lives!


A rapid immunological assay for the qualitative
detection of fecal occult blood in human stool samples

The Complaince Gold® test system provides highly sensitive test results combined with features that make it easy for patients to return their tests:

  •      Compliance Monitoring* At No Cost
  •      Our team provides a HIPAA Compliant program that reminds patients to return Collection Kits
  •      Postage Provided for Return Mailers
  •      Patient Friendly! No more trips to the post office to buy postage
  •      Address Labels Included
  •      Ensures tests are returned to the proper address
  •      Fits in Mail slot
  •      Easier for patients to RETURN from the convenience of their own home
  •      All Components Pre-Packaged in Mailer
  •      Everything your Patient needs in one Return Mailer


Okay. So, how do we get started?
Just give us a call and our Customer Services Department will be able to answer your questions. Please contact customer service at:  210-692-4192 

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