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Drug Court Programs

Products, services, and programs ready to adapt for your individual Drug Court needs.

  • This is because much of the details and principles are straight from our years of experience of working with Drug Courts throughout the United States. 
  • This combined experience decreases the amount of time customizing our services to the needs of each court and reduces the exposure to law suits or challenges.
  • The management team from GLI will go over these points and fine tune them to fit your specific needs.
  • Much of your decision making will revolve around the response to a ‘positive drug test’. Some Drug Courts utilize the services of an MRO for 'positive result' assistance, while others choose to handle positive results through existing staff following established protocols.
  • In a new Drug Court, Germaine Laboratories, Inc. can work with legal counsel to ensure that all policy is in compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws. These services will be provided at no additional charge.
  • Enforcing your policy will require consistent review and adaptation. Germaine Laboratories, Inc. will take you through everything that is needed for the next year to ensure the confidentiality and effectiveness of the program.

Contact our Drug Court Services Department to take advantage of our programs and expertise.  Call 210-692-4192.


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