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Our contract laboratory is designed to be the most advanced drug testing laboratory in the country. It uses the best technology including high performance drug detection instruments and high efficiency sample processing systems.  The technical management staff that has over 20 years of experience in drugs of abuse testing.   

Our contract laboratory processes more than 6500 drug tests per month, and over 500 GC/MS per day.   

Federal Certification (SAMHSA)

In 1989 the US government began a program of strict certification for laboratories that process drug tests performed for the federal government. Our contract laboratory was awarded the SAMHSA certification by the Department of Health and Human Services on March, 26 1999. The laboratory maintains this certification and is inspected semiannually to ensure that all processes and procedures are properly followed. The laboratory also has all the necessary licenses and accreditations required by the state.   


Our contract laboratory is operated with professional employees who have many years of experience offering quality in drug abuse services. The lab has incorporated a process of extensive quality control per SAMHSA and private industries guidelines. While other laboratories offer services of toxicology and clinical tests, our contract laboratory is focused on drug testing. Our organization is dedicated to providing superior service and quality products with competitive prices. We commit ourselves to reach your expectations if you choose us as your drug testing service provider.

Delivering Exceptional Results

Over 80% of the negative results are reported before 8:00 a.m. CST.  All negative results are reported before 1:00 pm CT.

Generally, one third of the positive results are reported by 3:00 pm on the same day.   

Standard Service Capabilities

We provide overnight transportation of specimens to the laboratory at no additional charge. Customized account set-up and reporting is established for each work location. The customer service, account set-up and supply distribution departments are available toll free to assist with your needs. Our professional staff is available for result interpretation as well as to aid in designing your program. Germaine Laboratories, Inc. can offer comprehensive substance abuse program services, such as random selection, medical review of results, drug screen panel customization, and specimen collection around the nation.

Drug Screen Panel Customization

We offer customized drug screen panels including special cut-off levels.  Ecstasy (MDMA) testing is provided on non-DOT samples at no additional charge as part of our amphetamine screen.  Hydrocodone (Diluadid) and Hydromorphone (Vicodin) testing is provided, at no additional charge, on all Non-D.O.T. samples with opiate screening level set at the 300 Ng/ml cutoff. We have created a special panel specifically for the new Government approved school testing. It includes the standard 10-panel drug screen including the drugs listed above along with Nicotine (Cotinine) and the highly dangerous Oxycotin (Oxycodone).  Adulteration panels are available.


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