AimTab™ Bluing Tablets

AimTab™ Bluing Tablets
AimTab™ Bluing Tablets
Product Code: 40021
AimTab™ Bluing Tablets are for use in all drug testing collections to prevent adulteration and for leak detection by plumbers. Quickly Turns Water Blue!

Ref# 40021 AimTab™ Bluing Tablets, 100/bottle

•    Place tablet into toilet bowl before collection and turns water vibrant blue in less than a minute
•    Use one tablet per flush
•    Meets Federal DOT Regulation 49 CFR 40.41
•    Plumbers use for testing customers toilets for leaking flapper and ball valves by placing into toilet tank
•    CAP / CLSI formatted procedures available via fax or email - just add your name!
•    Store at Room Temperature

Quickly Turns Water Blue!


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