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Germaine Laboratories offers products demonstrated as beneficial to the food and beverage industry. Whether a client needs to examine glucose levels in the fermentation of wine or determine the amount of sugar in a candy bar, Germaine Laboratories manufactures products that you can rely on to provide you with quick and accurate results. As the sole manufacturer of the AimTab™ Reducing Substances tablets, we provide a low-cost, effective testing alternative to high-end equipment, saving clients in the food and beverage industry both time and money.

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Food Processing

Our products support food processing companies by manufacturing tests that provide accurate readings of glucose levels which is of central importance within this industry. The food processing industry relies on quality tests to ensure that the different elements of their products are appropriately calculated and that the correct nutrient information is provided to consumers. The AimTab™ Reducing Substances tablets prove as a cost-effective and timely solution for a variety of different uses in the food processing industry.



As the sole manufacturer of the AimTab™ Reducing Substances tablets, we are confident we can meet all your glucose testing needs. This Residual Sugar Test monitors sugars in red and white wines in primary fermentation to allow for the stopping of fermentation when desired sweetness is achieved. Our product is demonstrated to be an essential aid in wineries to regulate the winemaking process as they are a quick, cost-effective alternative to expensive testing machinery.

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At Germaine Laboratories, we work closely with distributors to ensure a fluid process from the time the order is placed to the moment the client receives it. Our AimTab Reducing Substances product is manufactured from start to finish at Germaine Laboratories, allowing us to easily provide our distributors with accurate testing supplies in a timely manner. Once an order is placed, distributors will be consistently communicated with to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, resulting in a positive experience for the end user.

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