Germaine Laboratories also offers reliable, premium-quality products for use by veterinary practices, clinics, and animal hospitals. With our VQPet H Blood Glucose Monitoring System that is dedicated to cats and dogs, users can quickly obtain precise glucose measurements for routine checks as well as be used as an aid in monitoring diabetic pets.

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Vet Clinics & Animal Hospitals

Accurate testing and high-quality products at vet clinics and animal hospitals are instrumental to the success the facility, the overall health their patients, and the trust of their patient’s keepers. Recognizing the importance of efficiency in these facilities, Germaine Laboratories proudly serves animal clinics and hospitals with valuable products needed to achieve and maintain successful workflow.

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters require accurate testing supplies in order to maintain a successful and safe facility. From the time animals are first admitted to the time they are adopted, testing must be reliable and prompt. Germaine Laboratories is a reliable provider of quality testing supplies that effectively monitor pets in animal shelters to ensure they receive timely care so that they may be able to engage with other pets and potential adopters.

Pet Owners

At Germaine Laboratories, we understand that to pet owners, the health of their pets is just as important as their own. That said, when caring for pets with conditions such as diabetes, it is crucial to have easy access to high-quality, accurate testing supplies. Monitoring your pet's glucose level is an important part of the overall therapy for diabetes.

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