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Germaine Laboratories provides drug testing supplies to a variety of entities, such as drug court programs, schools, criminal justice, and workplaces. When high-quality tests and accurate results are essential, you need a provider that can deliver. Whether you need quick results or a large order, Germaine Laboratories provides excellent customer service and top-of-the-line products to achieve desired results catered to each client.

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Criminal Justice

Germaine Laboratories provides drug testing supplies and services to a variety of criminal justice entities such as parole and probation, drug courts, department of corrections, and children and family services. We understand the diverse needs of each entity and that the criminal justice industry is constantly changing. We provide various features to each such as on-site products that utilize urine or oral fluids, or lab screening for hair, sweat, or urine. Additionally, we provide laboratory confirmation, as well as litigation support and court testimony. With questions regarding our products or process, contact our Criminal Justice Services Department.


Drug Court Programs

With years of experience in drug court programs, Germaine Laboratories is equipped to handle the ever-changing needs of each court, providing products, services, and programs tailored to specific situations. With an experienced provider with high-quality products and services, you can lower your exposure to lawsuits or challenges. In the event of a new drug court, we work with legal counsel to ensure that all policy is in compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Our exceptional customer service will help drug courts maneuver through our products and services every step of the way.



Drug testing is required at schools for a variety of reasons, such as employee, administrator, or teacher testing, student extracurricular testing, or athlete testing programs that can include steroid panels. Not only does Germaine Laboratories serve school districts with accurate testing supplies, but we can also provide services such as complete program development and implementation, Medical Review Officer services, and on-site screening and lab testing. Additionally, we have created a special panel that complies with the new government-approved school testing that includes the standard 10 panel drug screen including nicotine and oxycontin. No matter the needs of school districts, Germaine Laboratories covers the bases in terms of accurate supplies and valuable programs and services.


Work Place

Germaine Laboratories has years of experience in serving both small workplaces and large corporations with the implementation and management of drug programs. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a startup with less than 50 employees, Germaine Laboratories is equipped to cater to the needs of each company. No matter where companies are located, we can develop a corporate drug and alcohol policy, select specimen types to be used for your program, and lab-based or on-site technology. We also offer pre-employment, post accident, and reasonable suspicion testing, as well as Medical Review Officer Services and records maintenance if needed. Covering a wide array of needs, Germaine Laboratories is equipped to assist the varying needs of workplaces throughout the country.

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