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At Germaine Laboratories, we offer products and services that are beneficial to physician offices, walk-in medical clinics, pharmacies, and more. From pregnancy and strep tests to urinalysis dipsticks and hemoglobin monitoring systems, our high-quality products are FDA approved and manufactured under cGMP. Our complete line of AimStep® and AimStrip® Pregnancy tests provide accurate results in just three minutes, as can our AimStrip® Urine Reagent Strips. You can count on our products to provide your clients with the timely and accurate results they require.

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Accurate testing and efficient equipment are paramount to the success of our hospitals. Germaine Laboratories delivers high-quality products with exquisite precision, accompanied by unparalleled customer service. When speed, accuracy, and quality count, Germaine Laboratories can deliver.



Availability of diagnostic tests and supplies is vital for pharmacies to be able to remain a convenient and accessible site for their community. Germaine Laboratories ensures accurate and efficient delivery, high-quality products, and an impeccable customer service team to support you throughout the entire process.


Physician Offices

For physician offices to work efficiently and effectively, the availability of high-quality diagnostic testing products is crucial. Germaine Laboratories carries products that cater to the needs of physician offices so that they can deliver high-quality care and better outcomes for patients.


Walk-in Med Clinics

Whether it is the middle of the flu season or the beginning of a pandemic, we understand that results must be reported promptly. Our distribution center is equipped to handle fluctuations in demand that may occur in any situation. Our high-quality, accurate, and reasonably priced products help walk-in medical centers operate efficiently by providing point-of-care testing to patients at the time of need.


Assisted Living Facilities

Maintain your residents’ health and keep them at ease by making Germaine Laboratories products available in your facility. Our products will aid you to proactively serve your community by providing timely, accurate results that will provide peace of mind for residents and their families.

Our Process

The Germaine Laboratories commitment is to providing quality in everything that we do. Providing product information for potential customers, quickly fulfilling purchase orders and offering on the spot technical support are just a number of our efforts to ensure that your experience is nothing less than exceptional. We deliver world class service to our clients as well as their own so that we may all succeed together.

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