VivaGuard® Safety Lancets 100/KT


Safety Lancets (sterile) , 100/kit. For Self-testing & Professional use.

28G Sterile, extra-sharpened Safety Lancets, Anti-skid body; Twist off, Pull, Place & Press easy Process; penetration depth 1.8mm, auto retract-and-lock needle to eliminate re-use; 5 year shelf life; additional gauges available

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Ref. #VGL02-382 VivaGuard® Safety Lancets (sterile) 100 per kit.

28G Sterile Safety Lancets with extra sharpened needlepoints to minimize discomfort

For use for Capillary Blood Tests! For Self-testing & Professional use

Designed to fit most commonly used Lancing Devices!

Ergonomically designed Safety Lancets for individual use

Easy to carry with anti-skid body design to ensure safe grip

Easy to use-just twist and pull off the protective cap, place it on the puncture site and press to collect blood sample

Defined penetration depth at 1.8 mm for optimal sampling

Well controlled small penetration area for precision

Needle automatically retracts and locks, to eliminate re-use and cross infection for ensured safety

Convenient storage with 5-year shelf life

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